Case Study Fashion and Industry Manufacturer

Design and launch of multi e-commerce sites powered by centralized CMS platform

The Challenge

In 2016, an apparel and fashion manufacturer sought to establish an online presence including e-commerce for a number of its brands to drive growth through online purchasing while increasing brand awareness.

The Solution

Datatusk led the design, development and launch of 4 mobile responsive websites (one for each brand) with full e-commerce capabilities using Magento coupled with WordPress for centralized content management.

The Impact

Since the initial launch and subsequent rollouts of the websites, e-commerce platform and CMS integration, the company has consistently increased sales and brand awareness over time.

Our Process With The First Brand

Platform synergies and repeatable process across brands

1. Discovery

Triveni analyzes existing business workflow and processes to create the requirements specifications.

Timing: 4 weeks

2. Design

Triveni’s creative team works with the client to address branding, vision, goals and design aspirations and creates a mood board and wireframes for the website. In this phase, the Client signs-off on the design work.

Timing: 4 weeks

3. Development

Triveni develops the website, sets up and integrates the e-commerce platform and content management system. Content and product info (e.g., descriptions, images, availability and pricing) loaded onto the system. Usability and ergonomics are addressed to optimize end user experience. The Client reviews site and signs-off.

Timing: 12 weeks

4. Launch

Triveni does site testing using the use case developed during Discovery phase and prepares the site for launch. Site is optimized and tested for mobile compatibility and search engine optimization. Multi-week rollout of inventory.

Timing: 4 weeks

5. Maintenance & Support

Now that the site is operational, the Client administers the site and updates content as desired. Triveni provides ongoing support and training as required.

Timing: Ongoing

Critical Factors for Enabling Success

Efficient design

Order Management Automation

Conduct thorough analysis of requirements for optimal design.

Data accessibility

Warehouse Management Optimization

Timely turnaround in providing access to key data sources and imposing seamless integrations.

Leverage synergies

Delivery Routing Enhancement

Develop an agile yet repeatable process and take advantage of platform synergies and development resources.